The title of the film is Invictus and the director is Clint Eastwood. It’s an historical film and the main character is Nelson Mandela, the first black President of South Africa. 

The other characters are: François Pinaar (the captain of the National Rugby Team Springboks), Chester (the only black player in the team) and Mandela’s Bodyguard.

The plot is set between 1994 and 1995 in South Africa.

Nelson Mandela tried to unify South African people by rugby, a sport which was brought to South Africa by the British Colonists. 

The message that Eastwood wants to impart is that we are all alike and sport can do great things.

We like the film so much because it is not only about sport, it’s emotional too and thanks to it we realized how many efforts Mandela made to unify his population.

L’articolo è stato realizzato da Sofia Darida, Flaminia Bartolacci, Mariavittoria Pellegrini, Leonardo Gregni, Mirko Fontana, Christian Tejeda, Elisa Pierdomenico e Daniele Focaracci (3B).

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